There it Goes

11 - 06 - 2020

My therpist starts each session by asking me: "What's new and good?" We meet bi-weekly and all I had at was "Well, I'm alive and every one in my family is healthy, and that's more than a lot of people have right now". Granted, that is enough. That is all you need really, but we've been conditioned to expect more than that, and putting when it is the only thing you can come up with it comes off as a statement of defeat.

It is so hard to write right now. Nevermind that fact that it has been so long since I've even tried to do regularly. In fact, it is just plain hard to work right now. Everything is falling apart, which is brings stress and fear, but it needs to fall apart. The whole thing needs to be torn down. It's not the falling apart that scares me. It is the question of what comes after.

This country is at a tipping point.