Robert Grunau built his first website in 2002, while working in the computer lab of the Levin College of Urban Affairs. It was at the insistence of his boss at the time, who told him that he needed a backup plan for his music career. He build a site for his band, then latter an app for keeping track of lab users (numbers, not users personally), and then did some work on the College’s public facing site, by cleaning up tables in Dreamweaver (it was how things were done back then).

He then closed the text editor and stopped doing development after a couple of years when he changed majors from Music Composition to Anthropology. A field he thought would bring excitement, adventure, and a good steady income.

He was a bit of an optimist. It would be another fourteen years before he would come back to making websites.

In the time between then and now he has worked as Bike messenger, picked orders in a warehouse, managed small bike shops and worked as a mechanic and bike fitter. During that time he picked up skills that inform his current work.

He has also published a number of pieces of journalism for publications such as Bicycling Magazine, The Dirtbag Diaries, and GRITCX among others.

He is a graduate of Udacity’s Front End Developer Nano Degree program. An online boot camp he attended on scholarship through the Grow with Google program. He has worked on projects from websites for small business to enterprise grade apps for Microsoft.

His primary languages are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He has also worked with Ruby and C#.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, he now lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and daughter where he aspires to be a more consistent runner, and hopes to achieve a stunning level of mediocrity on the guitar.